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    StingRay Hydrofoils

    StingRay hydrofoils are renowned for providing world class performance and efficiency improvements for the widest range of boats

    Installing a StingRay hydrofoil is one of the most cost effective ways of improving your outboard motors performance and boat's handling.

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    A StingRay hydrofoil will
    Improve performance
    StingRay hydrofoil range

    The World’s Only Dual Angle of Attack Hydrofoil

    The StingRay Stealth 2 is the world’s first and only dual angle of attack hydrofoil.

    This feature alone allows boaters to experience optimal performance at all throttle ranges. At lower speeds, the hydrofoil utilizes its inner angle, while at higher throttle ranges the Stealth2 uses its wing tips to maintain consistent, impressive performance improvement. The hidden, no-drill attachment results in no harm to the engine and a quicker installation process. Furthermore, an exclusively developed material known as Fast-Finish lowers hydrodynamic drag dramatically.

    Dual Angle Attack
    Distinct performance responsibilities

    Best Top-End Speed and Fuel Economy

    The fastest hydrofoil in the industry is the StingRay Stealth 2.

    With the combination of its dual angle of attack design, sleek no-drill attachment, and Fast-Finish material this hydrofoil is engineered to have the lowest hydrodynamic drag. Lowered drag equates to greater fuel economy and money saved. Once the Stealth 2 puts the boat on plane, the outer wing tip angles allow the boat to reach higher top speeds. If you’re looking for overall performance, best hydrofoil top-end speed, and increased fuel savings, the StingRay Stealth 2 is the hydrofoil for you.