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    Power Nozzle Aerator Kit

    Availability: In stock

    Cut Out : 21mm

    Max Bulkhead Thickness: 10mm
    Intrustions: 60mm
    Hose Connector: Qwik-Lok

    Kit Contains :

    1 x Power Nozzle Aerator 
    1 x 3/4" Qwik-Lok Connectors


    SKU: 8601

    The power Nozzle Features a venturi air intake to maximize oxygen saturation in the water. Additionally, the direction of water flow may be altered via the fittings swivelling head. Unlike typical Spray heads the Flow-Rite Power Nozzle Aerators can penetrate the deepest areas of live-wells allowing for prolonged fish life and health.These fittings allow for a professional standard of fishing in both commercial and recreational settings.