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    Price From: NZ$172.00

    Availability: In stock

    Quick Connect Steering Cables
    Galvanised Steel

    Cable Length measured from
    Helm Connection to Tilt tube Nut + 450mm

    Need 15' or larger? We can supply! Please get in contact with us directly.

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    SKU: Steeringcable

    When replacing your existing boat steering cable, you can usually find a part number and / or length stamped on the outer jacket. If it is not legible, it will be necessary to make careful examination of your system to determine what type of cable you need and then to actually measure the length required for proper cable replacement or selection and installation.

    • Complete, quick, and easy installation
    • Manufactured to meet or exceed A.B.Y.C., N.M.M.A. and IMCI (CE) certification requirements
    • Stainless steel cable output ends and corrosion resistant material

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