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    Mooring Cleat Black Nylon Plastic 164mm

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    he ultimate safety device, the Manson Boss has been designed to operate in all sea beds, a truly multipurpose anchor.

    Specifically designed for bow roller conformity, the fixed shank also has a single slot or sliding shackle depending on the sea bed type. The patented features, design and robust construction make it set immediately and hold during the worst of conditions.


    Larger anchors may incur an exess shipping cost, please contact us for more information





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    Dual shank anchoring

    The Manson Boss has dual modes of operation in one slotted shank. The strengthened high tensile steel shank has used FEA (finite element analysis) optimised for maximum strength. Fabricated from Lloyd's Register certified high tensile steel, it is at minimum 800mpa high tensile steel. The shank clearance is streamlined to conform to powerboat fairleads and bow rollers.

    Manson shackle Preventor™

    The Manson Boss has one slot in the shank with two docking stations to enable you to use you anchor in all seabeds. The patented Preventor quickly unscrews and docks on the alternate station to transform the anchor from a fixed shank to a sliding shank for operation in foul ground. The Preventoris captive which means you won't lose it.

    Raises flaps/trim flaps

    Ensure the fastest set in even the most demanding seabed conditions. Raising the holding power by forcing the flukes downwards creates a minimum of 28% deeper setting than other new-generation anchors 

    Double reinforced nose

    Nose based tip weight concentration enabled by double thickness laminate layer (DTLL) technology for fastest set possible

    Fluke (workhorse and holding power)

    Reinforced double-skinned laminated toe provides an extremely strong forward section of the anchor where it attacks the seabed, its seabed penetrating ability relies on this strength. Manson presses the concave shape into the fluke. This means the anchor cups the seabed and sets much faster. We use 150 tonne presses to shape the product.

    Bow-roller compatibility

    Fits all standard bow-rollers, designed specifically for powerboats


    For immediate setting (setting and aligning) the Manson Boss has sure set wings. The wings' shape works to dig the anchor into the seabed as fast as you need it to. The angles and shapes have been developed to roll the anchor to setting angle as fast as it can.

    Lifetime guarantee

    All Manson Boss anchors are "guaranteed for life against breakage". Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee.