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    Flowrite Livewell 40L Assembly - System 4 Kit and 40L Tank + Pro Timer Upgrade

    Availability: In stock

    System 4 Kit - Actuator, valve, cable, hose and fittings


    Kit Includes: 

    • 40 Litre tank

    • Access Hatch 270 x 375

    • Strainer Snap in 3/4" x2

    • Qwik-Lok Thru hull straight 3/4" Black

    • System 4 valve F

    • Flowrite control cable

    • Qwik-Lok Thru hull elbow 1 1/8" 

    • Qwik-Lok socket straight 3/4" x7 

    • Qwik-Lok socket elbow 3/4" 

    • Qwik-Lok socket straight 1 1/8" x2

    • Oetiker crimp clamp 3/4" x8 

    • Oetiker crimp clamp 1 1/8" x2

    • Pump out aerator operation label

    • Label system 4 operation

    • Flowrite System 4 actuator

    • Flowrite hose 3/4" 4m

    • Flowrite hose 1 1/8" 2m 

    • Pump Out aerator combo Qwik-Lok 

    • Qwik-Lok Thru hull pumpout 3/4" Black

    • Rule tournament Livewell Pump 800 GPH

    • Thru hull Qwik-Lok 1 1/8" Straight Black

    • Valve Mounting Bracket U shape

    • Qwik-Lok adaptor for rule of tournament pump 

    • Pro Timer Plus


    SKU: 8699

    System 4 Kit - Actuator, valve, cable, hose and fittings

    For that tournament standard feel of a casting/fishing deck with direct livewell access. Mounted directly through your casting/fishing deck and supplied with a low profile access hatch. The access hatch lid has an anti-slip lid and is reinforced for you to stand on during those moments of high excitement. 
    The top of each tank body has been thickened so the hatch can be fastened directly through the deck and into the tank body. 
    The tanks can be installed with either metal threads or rivets. 








    A pump-out feature provides a convenient means of filling a tournament livewell weigh-in bag and also enables a livewell to be pumped out while the boat is still in the water or when moored at a dock overnight.

    The Flow-Rite Pump-Out Aerator is the easiest, most efficient, and least expensive means of adding a pump-out system to any livewell system. It eliminates the need for additional diverting valves, cables, actuators, electrical connections and most of the plumbing required by other systems. Simply install the Pump-Out Aerator in place of the standard spray head used with any recirculation pump or with any of our V3 or V4 control valves that include a “RECIRC” mode. It has two hose connections, one intake from the pump and one outlet for the discharge hose that will connect to the new discharge thruhull fitting.

    Livewell ProTimer Plus+


    ProTimer Plus™ automatically turns your pump on and off for desired circulation and aeration. Set to the desired interval and concentrate on fishing. ProTimer Plus conserves battery life, is easy to install and easy to operate. Can be connected to an existing switch in your boat (3 position, center off recommended).

    ProTimer Plus+™ has all the features of ProTimer™, plus it comes with a master control switch to control on, off or timed livewell operation.

    • 1 minute on with adjustable 1 to 12 minutes off.
    • Includes 3 position rocker switch for off, timed or constant run (ProTimer Plus+™ only).
    • For use with any livewell recirculation pump or Flow-Rite valve system with "RECIRC" mode.
    • Automatic operation increases fishing time.
    • Ideal for tournament fishing.
    • Adjustable time delay feature to meet specific ambient conditions.
    • Helps to increase battery life.
    • Color coding promotes ease of proper operation.
    • Helps keep fish healthy and stress free.
    • Self-adhesive backing for easy installation; eliminates mounting screws.
    • Weather resistant poly coated circuit board.
    • Instructions included.