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    Optical Level Indicator

    Check your electrolyte levels without having to remove your watering system. The builtin indicator is white when the cell is low on water and black when full. Since it operates independently from the valve, it is the only built-in indicator on the market that can truly be used to accurately verify cell electrolyte levels.

    Color Coded Flip-Top Cell Access

    Check specific gravity levels with ease. Flip-Top access port gives direct cell access without the need for drilling cell covers or removing the watering system. New color coding allows for easy verification of valve length after the valves have been installed.

    Clampless Polypropylene Tubing

    Patented clampless tubing installs in half the time of tubing that requires clamps and holds twice as well. Unlike clear PVC tubing, our patented tubing will not break down and cause system failure.

    3-Port Swivel Tee

    Patented Three-Port Swivel Tee rotates a full 360 degrees, allowing for a more versatile installation. Eliminates kinked tubing, the need for additional plumbing pieces, and allows you to place the feed tube wherever it’s most convenient, not just at the end.

    Low Profile

    The patented low profile design keeps all components of the watering system out of harm’s way by making sure that they all sit below the intercell connectors.

    Wide Pressure Range

    Millennium’s patented technology eliminates the need to buy expensive water supplies to generate high pressure and flow. Our variable pressure system will work from 3 to 35 PSI, with minimum flow rate of 2 GPM (measured through the purger). Flow-Rite offers the most complete range of water supplies including regulated hose supplies, AC/DC powered carts, portable units, gravity tanks, deionizers, and hand pumps.

    Protective Shroud

    The shroud protects the internal displacer from potential damage from plate growth, during installation and shipping & handling. When installed, it protects the valve from foreign particles (in the battery) entering and “clogging” the watering system.

    Acid Resistant Components

    All Millennium components, including the tubing, are made of the same (polypropylene) plastic as the battery. This means all materials are acid, temperature, and impact resistant to withstand the harsh environment found inside and on top of the battery.

    De-Gas Chamber

    The Millennium valve has a built in de-gassing chamber (similar to the factory vent caps) which allows the cell to expel the naturally occurring hydrogen and oxygen gases. The standard cap seen here disperses the gases in a manner which dilutes them with the outside air, reducing the risk of ignition.

    Internal Water Trap

    In the event of a fire, this eliminates the possibility of flame propagation between cells via the watering system.

    Flame Arrestor (optional)

    The optional flame arrestor makes Millennium the safest battery watering system on the planet. A necessary safety feature for all stationary batteries, utility vehicle batteries, and other batteries used in potentially dangerous enclosed environments. The flame arrested valve now includes an internal flame arrestor that protects against flame propagation in applications where the internal water trap is subject to drying out.

    5 Year Warranty

    We stand behind all of our SPW systems. We offer a full 5 year warranty on all Millennium Evo components (excluding water supplies). Each valve is date stamped with the shift, day, month and year to ensure quality. All products are made in the U.S.A. by Flow-Rite Controls, an ISO 9001:2008 company.