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    Flow-rite livewell kit system 3 - BASS BOATS

    Availability: Out of stock

    Flow-rite livewell kit system 3. A perfect addition to any tournament anglers low profile Bass boat. Includes an auto function that allows the pump to recirculate livewell water and replace any overflow water. A closed recirculation system is selectable.

    Live Bait Kit Includes: 

    • Rule Tournament Livewell pump 800GPH angled

    • Qwik Lok pump adaptor

    • Pump out Aerator

    • Qwik Lok pump out through hull 

    • System 3 Valve R 

    • Flowrite Control Cable

    • System 3 cable Actuator

    • Valve Mounting Bracket

    • System 3 operation label

    • Pump out operation label

    • Snap in strainer x2

    • Qwik Lok through hull straight 3/4" & 1 1/8"

    • Qwik Lok through hull elbow 3/4" & 1 1/8"

    • Qwik Lok socket straight 3/4" x5

    • Qwik Lok socket elbow 3/4" x2

    • Qwik Lok socket straight 1 1/8"

    • Qwik Lok socket elbow 1 1/8"

    • Oetiker SS clamp for 3/4" hose x7 

    • Oetiker SS clamp for 1 1/8" hose x2

    Note: Hose not included - Different boats with different installations will require you to measure your hose lengths and order acordingly. Refer to Livewell Builder for Layout assistance.

    SKU: 8683

    This Live Bait Tank kit has been designed for ‘Flat Boats’ and ‘Bass Boats’, for use in applications where the tank may be close/overlapping the waterline.

    The kit includes the hose fittings aerators and drains to fully install the kit with a pre-existing tank or baitwell. This kit includes one pump that circulates water into the tank through a skin fitting (generally mounted through the hull / transom). The water is aerated through a Pump Out Aerator. Finally, the water can be drained through the bottom of the tank via gravity, or it can be pumped out using the pump unit. Additionally, this kit comes with fittings to attach an overflow hose to stop over filling. The kit comes with a flow rite system 3 valve and corresponding dial.

    Using the dial the user can select “AUTO” - when the boat is off the plane the pump
    will recirculate, aerate and simultaneously mix in fresh water from outside the vessel. When the boat is in the plane the valve creates a block to the outside water source and recirculates water within the system to keep it oxygen rich.

    Once the tank is full the “RECIRC” option may be used to specifically circulate water from the tank through the pump and through the aerator . Additionally this setting may be used to drain the tank when the pump out option is enacted through the aerator.

    Finally, the “EMPTY” function allows water to drain through the valve and exit the boat, while a one way return chamber in the valve stops water re entering the system. Note : This Kit does not include Hose or a live baitwell tank and comes with a 8’ control cable ( 244cm ) 

    Flow Rite Live Bait Tank