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1000GPH Bilge Pump Kit - Qwik-Lok Plumbing + Stainless Steel Skin Fitting

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Kit Includes 

1 x 1000GPH Johnson Pump
2M x 3/4" Premium Bilge hose
2 x Stainless Oetiker Clamps ( 13mm-26mm )
1 x Hi-Nylon Chrome Plated 3/4" Skin Fitting 


SKU: MD-00177B

Bilge Pump 1000GPH

Designed to deliver power and dependability. The permanent magnet motor and positive cord seal allow the unit to run when completely submerged. The fibreglass reinforced impeller allows small debris, sand and silt to be pumped out of the bilge.

+ This product comes with a bonus Qwik-lok socket and Clamp.

No tools needed for maintenance. Extremely energy efficient. Water-cooled motor for long service intervals.Meets the International standard, ISO 8849 marine.

Pump Specifications

  • Pump Body: Thermoplastic
  • Shaft Seal: Lip Seal
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel (SS2343)
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Capacity: 3ft (0.9m) head (13.6V) 33 l/min
  • Capacity straight (13.6V): 40 l/min
  • Amperage: 2.5A
  • Fuse Size: 5A
  • Connection: 3/4"
  • Max Height: 112mm / 4.4"
  • Weight: 0.5kg / 14.6 oz.

2M of 3/4" Hose

This is not a plastic hose.

This hose will not perforate or leak on plastic ridges like plastic cuffed hose.

Our hose is premium Marine Bilge Hose: 2M of high quality durable 3/4" hose, flexible PVC with special smooth outer for secure fitting of clamps. No need for cuffs, smooth all the way. Our hose is reinforced internally with a rigid PVC helix. Food Grade PVC to AS2070

Stainless Steel Oetiker Clamps

High quality stainless steel banded hose clamps with a stainless steel nut and worm drive.

Hi-Nylon 3/4" Skin Fittings.

Exclusively made by Marine Warehouse, these hull/skin fittings are virtually indestructible. They feature high impact, UV resistant nylon skin fitting.

A low profile snag free head complete with tension lugs for tightening of the over sized nuts.

Stainless Facade - Heavy Duty 3/4" Through Hull

Made from UV resistant polymer and polished ABS chrome plated cover, these fittings are designed to perfectly fit Flow-Rite 3/4" Fittings. Each fittings is supplied with a corresponding nut, that is used to tighten the fittings to the bulkhead.